Our Story

A famous athlete once said, your watch represents who you are, your values and your personal style.

While many of us don't have the resources to invest in a legacy watch brand for an every day watch, but we do know how important it is to wear a high quality watch to make a lasting first impression be it in a board meeting or on a casual Sunday brunch. People perceive you for what you wear on your wrist. 

With an intent to create a legacy brand right here in India, we started working with a team of expert watchmakers who have been making watches for decades.

We spent almost a year creating the right designs and another year and half getting the best out of our partner manufacturers. After rejecting multiple samples for quality issues, we finally launched our brand online in 2022.

Our journey so far has been beautiful despite being a bootstrapped business with very limited marketing. Our customers are our biggest brand advocates and endorsers. We are committed towards making high-quality watches accessible to women in India at a comfortable price point.

We do not want you to own another watch that will fade off in two months, we want you to own a watch that will last a lifetime. Get yourself a STIGOR timepiece to experience excellent watchmaking.