Our Story

Love makes you do crazy things and our love for watches made us build our brand STIGOR.

After scouring the Indian market for affordable high-quality watches that go with the style preference of women in their late 20s and early 30s we found a big wide gap. We knew we could fill this gap being an all-woman team and having a first-hand understanding of the requirements of an Indian woman.

We traveled extensively and learned the art of watchmaking and designing from some of the most prominent boutique brands across the globe. After years of research on design and components, we finally launched our first model - Classic in 2022. 

The market didn't trust us at first but eventually we started seeing some love and managed to double our sales every passing month. Today we are preparing to launch our next model and it wouldn't have been possible without the love we've received from those wonderful women and men who trusted us.

We are grateful for all the love and are super excited to bring fresh new designs for you guys more frequently.

Do get yourself a STIGOR before the model runs out of stock!