Our Story

STIGOR as an idea was conceived in the year 2019 with the thought of making high-quality watches accessible to women in India. We have been seeing local brands offering cheaply made women's watches and international fashion brands selling watches of an average quality for a heavy price tag. We wanted to offer quality at a price that won't burn a hole in our customer's pockets and with this thought we started working on STIGOR. 

It took us three years, multiple design validations, multiple sample rejections and an unprecedented pandemic to finally launch STIGOR for online purchase in the year 2022.

Our products are made in small batches, this gives us an opportunity to learn from our customers' experience and implement their feedback in our upcoming batches. So, when you own a STIGOR you have a chance to shape the future of a homegrown watch brand with your feedback.

Our motto is simple - Always try to be excellent at what you do and this reflects in our products and after sales service.


STIGOR women's watches black